Read on about our combined decades worth of hands on experience, training, and expertise: 

Leila Harper & Alyssa Sawyer

Founders, creators, architects of the body

Fitness Healers is dedicated to healing your body from the unhealthy patterns instilled from years of improper training form, technique or movement practices. We decided to start our business after seeing a disappointing trend in the fitness industry that does more harm to the body than strengthening and healing. There seems to be an emphasis on bootcamp style classes, high intensity and a ‘go harder or go home’ type of training that oftentimes damages the structure of the body rather than creating harmony and health. The body is meant for movement; the right kind of movement will lead to better postural alignment, healthier - fascia, connective tissue, & organs. Also, the right kind of movement and breath work leads to improved water absorption, better sleep quality, digestion and the ability to move pain free through life activities. 


We incorporate various modalities of training… C.H.E.K institute’s holistic approach to healing the body that views the body as a system of system’s – fully integrated unit in which physical, hormonal, mental, emotional and spiritual components must work together for a healthy life. Guy Voyer DO’s Eldoa method that helps to create space in the segments of the spine and joints and myofascial stretch therapies to help you feel better overall ~ ultimately aligning all the fascia in the body. Dr Bruno Chikly's methods of lymphatic drainage, chronic fatigue healing techniques, toxin removal, and much more. We perform a comprehensive assessment and provide a program design for each person to help you feel better, perform better and live healthier. It is more important than ever to focus on your health and healing during this time. Empower yourself from the inside out and live an aligned and joyous life! 



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